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     Enjoy your tour through the golden years of The Branchell Company. This site covers the company and its products from the late '40s into the early '60s, and also will provide some information on the life of talented designer Kaye LaMoyne. It's not unreasonable to say that without Kaye LaMoyne, The Branchell Company would not have stood out against the other 350 or so companies that manufactured Melmac dinnerware during this period.
     I've been collecting Melmac dinnerware since 1984, and immediately gravitated to The Branchell Company. Lured by the great colors, designs, and patterns, it was also readily available, therefore easy to collect. It's an attainable goal to put together a place setting for 4 in any of the colors, or a comprehensive collection to include just about anything and everything. 
     I will remain forever skeptical of the claims that Russel Wright's Residential line was the all-time best seller of Melmac dinnerware. Until the day when sales figures of the Residential line can be compared to sales figures of Kaye LaMoyne's Color-Flyte dinnerware, it's a safe bet to say that Color-Flyte may have outsold Residential.
     Many thanks to the following people who have contributed to this site - Mary Howe, Marilyn J. Felling, Debbie Gregg, Carol Hollander, and Chris Brown; and thanks to Dan Massad and Scott Eggert for contributing great items to my collection over the years; and thanx (I think) to Clarisse Carnell for getting me hooked on this hobby!
     If you have anything you'd like to add to this site, please send me an e-mail. Enjoy. 
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